TI to host MotoTrials National in June!!
We will be hosting rounds 5 & 6 of the 2017 MotoTrials series. This takes a huge effort from our club to make this a success. We need everyone's help to accomplish this. Please CLICK HERE to check out all the info and signup as a worker. You not only get to see the best riders in the country up close, but get to help out your club and the trials community in a big way!

Trials Incorporated wins AMA's Club of the Year for 2016!!!!!!!!!

READ MORE about the banquet.

2016 Champ Class Series Winner Sam Fastle with his traveling trophy!

2016 Class Champion Photo's

Champ Expert Advanced Sportsman Senior A
Senior Intermediate Novice Vintage A Vintage
Air Cooled Mono Youth A Youth B

Air Cooled Monoshock!

Trials Inc is now offering a class specifically for your Air Cooled Monoshock bikes. The class rides the Sportsman line and qualifies for a year end class plaque and championship. Dust them off and bring them out!!

R.I.P. Royce Klein


The following TI Members have Birthdays this month...
WILLIAM SPRING JR 03-17-2005 12
SETH HERREL 03-09-2000 17
NICK MANNING 03-17-1996 21
MATTHEW HOUY 03-18-1987 30
JASON KNEPP 03-18-1974 43
STEVE HAROUFF 03-28-1969 48
BRIAN KOOKEN 03-14-1965 52
GARY ROACH 03-08-1963 54
CHARLIE GILFERT 03-19-1961 56
PETE NUTTER 03-21-1952 65
JIM WATSON 03-25-1947 70

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